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Nancy Culhane

In my role as a licensed therapist, I offer deep listening and support for you to share your inside story so that you can use your energy in a productive, life-affirming way.


I provide professional support for you to:

  • Understand what calls you to change

  • Release earlier adaptive patterns that no longer serve

  • Find your voice, wisdom, strength, creativity, and healing

  • Incorporate specific skills for moving toward greater connection


I am a strong advocate for healthy relationships both inside and outside of the home. Numerous studies have shown how strong relationships impact the very quality of our lives, reducing anxiety and depression and increasing trust, empathy, cooperation and self-esteem.  Healthy relationships support our immune systems, recovery from disease, resilience, and creativity.


In therapy, I use my relational training and knowledge of the body, brain, and mind to support you in finding self-compassion, healthy connections with those you love, and daily practices for balance.


During our sessions, I will gently guide you to reach into the well of your self-knowledge, listening for the most deeply held memories, questions, and needs, which act as thresholds to discovery and renewal. I may offer you evidenced-based experiential exercises to try, which are informed by modern neuroscience, contemplative practices, and relational psychology.


My work often centers on guiding people through transitions. Whether focusing on health and mindfulness, developing a more precise professional/career forecast, or resolving whether to stay, leave or change a relationship, I aim to help you cultivate presence, compassion, and well-being.


Although not mutually exclusive, I believe in equal parts courage and acceptance.  Psychotherapy sessions help to create clarity, healthy boundaries, a greater sense of purpose, and a solid relationship with yourself and your loved ones. 

Education and Training

My deepest, most treasured, and informative education for this work comes from my own long-term marriage, and life as a mother of four children.  These days I embrace my newest role as a grandmother of two little boys.  


My university studies include a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  

I have been a Board-Certified Telemental Health Professional since the credential was created in 2018 to ensure the highest standard of care, clinical training, and best practices in professional online psychotherapy.

I am a 2009 graduate of the original Master level Relational Life Therapy (RLT) training with Terry Real.

My psychotherapy work has been profoundly influenced by comprehensive training in Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) with Dr. Daniel J. Siegel at the Mindsight Institute and certificate training in Professional Positive Neuroplasticity with Dr. Rick Hanson.  


I am a lifelong learner, genuinely excited about the wealth of research evidence showing that our brains can grow and change throughout the human lifespan.

Work History

I have worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1982. 


As a psychotherapist and community educator, I believe that individual and relationship issues are best understood in the broader human context, including the combined influences of family, cultural, and environmental factors.


My life has been enriched by opportunities to work collaboratively in our local community and with international humanitarian groups. I have developed project-based programs, youth service teams, and environmental education curricula for schools and non-profit organizations. 

Present and past volunteer projects include labors of love with:


Homeward Bound of Marin, 

Bay Area Women's and Children's Center 

Seeds of Learning 

Global Village, Habitat for Humanity International Education and Training



Several years ago, an utterly surprising health challenge caused me to re-examine my priorities and carefully focus my energy on what really matters. From that experience and each day since I have learned that rocks in the path of a life’s journey can throw us into places we had not yet imagined.  I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the powers of change, joy, and resilience, which can be our best teachers from moment to moment.

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