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Would you and your partner like to have a long-term vision of your family that encourages deep connection, working together to solve problems, communicating clearly and having fun?


As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I work with parents so that the precious, limited time you have raising your family can be more enjoyable and less worrisome. With an eye to being your true selves while giving your children the benefits of a healthy home life, I help parents and co-parents with modern family challenges. I can support you in finding your best path with issues such as adjustments with your newborn, child and adolescent behavior, school issues, career and lifestyle changes, and navigating the world of technology.


I will assist you to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities you face, while examining the legacy you bring into the family, so that you can learn ways to pass along the positive elements and redirect the negative ones. Together we will identify and develop specific strategies that contribute to a healthy, emotionally rich home life, whether you are married, separated or in transition.

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