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Regardless of background, at some point most people find themselves emotionally challenged by a major life transition, unexpected crisis, or developmental change. At these times, feelings of upheaval and instability may permeate our daily lives and tax our ability to function both alone and with others.


I can help you unwind the many difficult parts of change by offering professional listening ears, focused insight, and practical wisdom gained by a long-term marriage and the parenting of four children. I will be an advocate for you and your goals, as we work together to understand feelings, behaviors and characteristic patterns of adaptation to stress.


As new choices and conscious solutions are discovered in the psychotherapy process, a sense of stability and connection can be restored. New responses to life's challenges then help to further understand our own histories, family legacy and deepest dreams for the future.


In therapy, I’ll guide you to find your authentic voice, meaningful perspective, and constructive next steps to improve your sense of self, your connections to others, and your well-being. Online counseling, also known as telehealth sessions, may be right for you.

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