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Regardless of background, at some point, most people find themselves emotionally challenged by a significant life transition, unexpected crisis, or developmental change. At these times, feelings of upheaval and instability may permeate our daily lives and tax our ability to function alone and with others.


I can help you unwind from the many difficult parts of change by offering professional listening, focused insight, and practical wisdom gained from over forty years of psychotherapy experience.

I will advocate for you and your goals as we work together to understand your unique feelings and characteristic patterns of adaptation to stress. 


With an understanding of modern neuroscience and relational psychology, I provide specific guidance so that you can:

  • Learn to befriend your nervous system under times of stress and uncertainty.

  • Understand attachment strategies from childhood and how these impact current relationships.

  • Learn beneficial daily practices which enhance presence, attunement, resonance, and trust.

  • Move from disharmony and conflict to repair hurt feelings, mistrust, and ruptures.

  • Cultivate inner and outer resources for physical, mental, emotional, and relational wellness.

  • Recover and grow your experiences of awareness, acceptance, joy, and awe.

Where appropriate, I offer a variety of session lengths in addition to the traditional 50-minute hour. I support you to feel comfortable working at the pace that is most helpful for you.  Many people feel that they’d like to “dive in” to therapy and have longer sessions, sometimes at less frequent intervals.

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