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Telehealth, also known as online counseling, is a convenient, sustainable option for residents of California, as well as many others in the US and around the world. Using a simple online link to my virtual office, our sessions take place without driving, parking, or sitting in the waiting room. This saves time, money, energy, and frustration. Online counseling sessions are particularly suited for people seeking short term, solution focused, professional guidance to restore balance and peace of mind.

Examples of those who often benefit from online counseling sessions include:

• Stay-at- home and work-at- home parents​

• People with chronic illnesses avoiding exposure
• People living in rural areas or in locations far from counseling services
• People with concerns about raising children or teens
• Adults managing life with aging parents


Telehealth sessions are easy to arrange and attend. Once we’ve determined that online counseling is right for you, we’ll set up a date and time for our appointment. Feel free to choose any private, quiet space where you will be comfortable and there’s a strong Wi-fi connection. Have your computer, mobile phone, or tablet with you. Then come to this website and sign in to my virtual office here. It’s that simple.


Schedule a phone or video consultation now to see if an online session is right for you.


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